Upcoming Auction

Keokuk County, IA

110th Street & 247th Avenue
South English, IA 52335

Peoples Company is pleased to be representing the Estate of Wayne & Joan Beyer in the sale of 236.5 total acres m/l located in Keokuk County just Southwest of North English, Iowa.&...

236.50acres m/l


Upcoming Auction

Warren County, IA

Kirkwood St & 200th Ave
Milo , IA 50166

Peoples Company is pleased to be representing the Kenneth R. Schaper Trust in the sale of 184 total acres m/l located in Warren County just north of Milo, Iowa. The prope...

184.78acres m/l


Upcoming Auction

Pottawattamie County, IA

400th St and Magnolia Rd
Hancock, IA 51536

Peoples Company is pleased to be representing the Marian L. Frohardt Trust in the sale of 148.02 total acres m/l located in Pottawattamie County just southwest of Hancock, Iow...

148.02acres m/l



Warren County, IA

70th Avenue
Norwalk, IA 50211

Peoples Company is pleased to be representing the Vera Beltz Trust in the sale of 83.6 total acres m/l located just south of Norwalk, Iowa. The property will be offered in one tract via Public Au...

83.60acres m/l



Stevens County, KS
Seward County, KS

US Highway 83
Liberal, KS 67901

Hatcher Farms is located in Seward and Stevens County near Liberal, Kansas. The property will be offered in 41 tracts ranging from 6.91 acres m/l to 1,085.87 acres m/l via the multi-parcel auction for...

10935.00acres m/l



Iowa County, IA

Q Avenue & R Avenue
North English, IA 52316

Peoples Company is pleased to be representing the Theola Lyle Estate and Francis E. Lyle Family Residuary Trust in the sale of 304 total acres m/l located in Iowa County just south...

304.00acres m/l



Frontier County, NE

Road 742 and W Canyon Rd.
Eustis, NE 69028

Frontier County, Nebraska Farmland Auction - Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 15, 2021! Peoples Company is pleased to present a total of 326.40 total acres m/l and 142.90 of FSA croplan...

326.40acres m/l



Van Buren County, IA

115th Street
Birmingham, IA 52535

Peoples Company is pleased to be representing the Delmar D. Dudgeon Trust in the sale of 194 total acres m/l located in Van Buren County just east of Birmingham, Iowa.&nb...

194.00acres m/l



Grant County, WI
Lafayette County, WI
Iowa County, WI

Grant, Iowa and Lafayette Counties
Belmont, WI 53510

Peoples Company is pleased to be representing Cropland Investments LLC in the sale of 1,810 total acres m/l located in Grant, Iowa, and Lafayette counties in Wisconsin. The 1,810 a...

1810.00acres m/l



Gray County, KS

US Highway 50
Ingalls, KS 67853

The 613 Agro Holdings Farm is located in Gray County, Kansas along the Arkansas River Valley 17 miles from Garden City, Kansas. The property will be offered in 14 tracts ranging from 7.25 acres m/l to...

5725.00acres m/l



Clay County, SD

Highway 19
Centerville, SD 57014

Absolute Clay County, South Dakota Farmland Auction! Peoples Company is proud to offer 5,302 gross acres m/l located in Clay County, South Dakota. The property will be sold in 31 tracts&nbsp...

5302.00acres m/l



Wayne County, TN

Peoples Company is pleased to offer the opportunity to own 1,386.69 acres m/l nestled in the Tennessee Valley. This portfolio will be offered in three individual tracts via an Online Only Auction. Bid...

1386.69acres m/l



Walla Walla County, WA

US Hwy 12
Touchet, WA 99360

Peoples Company is proud to offer this unprecedented opportunity to own 6,000 contiguous acres m/l nestled in the Walla Walla River Valley in Washington State. The property is being offered through a ...

6000.00acres m/l



Pottawattamie County, IA

145th Street
Crescent, IA 51526

178 Acres m/l of productive Pottawattamie County farmland selling at Absolute Auction. This farm is 100% tillable with 178 acres m/l of tillable land carrying a CSR of 54.9 (CSR2 53.9). Farm has great...

178.00acres m/l



Madison County, IA

Green Lane & 170th Street
Winterset, IA 50212

Offering 226 acres of highly productive Madison County farmland to be sold in four tracts at public auction on December 5, 2017 at Earlham Community Center in Earlham. Please continue scrolling f...

226.00acres m/l



Wayne County, IA

Hwy. 65 & Quail Run Rd.
Humeston, IA 50123

Peoples Company is proud to offer 104 acres m/l of productive Wayne County farmland at a live public auction. Located in a strong area just 3 miles south of Humeston, this farm is nearly 100% til...

104.00acres m/l




Union County, IA
Mills County, IA
Wapello County, IA
Jefferson County, IA
Muscatine County, IA
Clayton County, IA
Pottawattamie County, IA
Warren County, IA

--, IA --

Peoples Company is offering 24 individual tracts owned by the Iowa Department of Transportation through an ONLINE ONLY auction where all bidding must be done online or through Peoples Company’s ...

0.00acres m/l



Guthrie County, IA

North Street & Adair Street
Menlo, IA 50164

Offering 35 acres m/l of Guthrie County farmland located immediately east of Menlo, Iowa. Farm includes approximately 31.93 FSA tillable acres carrying a CSR2 of 75.1. High quality soil types include ...

35.00acres m/l




Dallas County, IA

Co Rd P46 / D Avenue & 190th Street
Dawson, IA 50066

High quality farmland in strong farming area! Offering 173.57 NHEL acres of highly productive Dallas County farmland to be sold in two individual tracts at public auction on Wednesday, Janua...

173.57acres m/l



Greene County, IA

T Avenue
Grand Junction, IA 50107

Peoples Company is proud to offer 100 Acres M/L of high quality Greene County, Iowa Farmland. The farm is to be sold as one tract at public auction on Wednesday January 31st, 2018. The auction wi...

100.00acres m/l



Adair County, IA

Spellman Estate
Greenfield, IA 50849

Offering 447.51 acres m/l of highly productive Adair County farmland to be sold in three tracts at public auction on Friday, February 9, 2018 at the Adair County Fairgrounds 4H & FFA Building in ...

447.51acres m/l



Clinton County, IA

380th Ave. & 280th St.
Low Moor, IA 52757

Offering 160 Acres m/l of Clinton County farmland located just South Low Moor, Iowa. Farm includes approximately 148.10 FSA tillable acres carrying a CSR2 of 83.5. High quality soil types include Tama...

160.00acres m/l



Warren County, IA

220th Avenue
Harford, IA 50118

Offering 80 acres M/L of highly productive Warren County Farmland to be sold in 2 tracts at public auction on Friday February 23, 2018 at the Hartford Sportsman's Club in Hartford Iowa. The auctio...

80.00acres m/l



Mahaska County, IA

2991 205th Street
Rose Hill, IA 52586

High quality Mahaska County farmland to be sold at public Auction Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at 10:00 am located in the Rose Hill Community Center. Auction will consist of two outstanding tracts...

296.00acres m/l



Buchanan County, IA

Aurora, IA --

Offering 236 acres m/l of high quality Buchanan County farmland to be sold at public Auction Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at 10:00 AM at the Aurora, Iowa American Legion. Auction will consist ...

236.00acres m/l


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